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Lauren Conrad and BlueAvocado are teaming up to bring an eco-friendly cosmetic accessory line to the market. The MTV reality star and fashion entrepreneur, who has caught attention lately sporting a new pink bun atop her head, is no stranger to the business world. The author, designer, and former star of “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach,” is a proud and savvy businesswoman. The shiny-haired, flawless skinned beauty is already at the helm of a multi-million dollar corporation with forays into the hair, makeup and fashion sectors. On style.mtv.com, MTV announced that Lauren Conrad and BlueAvocado will add this collection of cosmetic tools to her list of hugely popular ventures.

BlueAvocado, founded by three women from Austin, Texas, is known for its commitment to the environment. With a mission to reduce the carbon footprint left on the planet, all of their products are made from recyclable materials designed to look fashionable and trendy while reducing waste. The executive team that runs BlueAvocado is driven to change the world whether it is by saving energy, donating sale proceeds to environmental and social groups, or by educating humans to be more aware of what they buy.

The new partnership will have products ready to go for the summer of 2012. Along with cosmetic accessories, lunch totes, portable hydration systems, and several other stylish and functional goods will be made from Unifi’s Reprieve textiles which are manufactured from up-cycling plastic bottles. BlueAvocado wants to design products that will serve a purpose but inspire and invite change to preserve earth’s natural resources. To do that, the team will continue to enlighten customers by incorporating “cool products for a hot planet” into their lives.

BlueAvocado wants its customer to be inspired, conscious and accept responsibility for every personal decision that impacts the world. Change is easier when it is a happy and joyful experience that will turn into a habit. As head designer and investor in the cosmetic accessory line, Lauren Conrad and BlueAvocado hope her involvement will lead fans to spread the message about how living greener makes one look good, feel healthy, and keep the planet’s natural resources thriving.

Sources: mtv.com, blueavocado.com

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